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Connecticut's premier baseball training facility

Thrive Sports & Fitness is proud to be working with The Hit Club, a renowned baseball training facility. The Hit Club originated in Thomaston, CT and when they grew to need a second location, they turned to our Middlebury gym.


If your son or daughter is serious about baseball or softball, help him or her take training to the next level by working with The Hit Club.

Founded by Darren Bragg

The Hit Club was founded by MLB veteran Darren Bragg. The goal behind The Hit Club is simple: to help every player get to the next level. Our coaches and trainers are here to help your son or daughter become his or her best.

Individual or team training packages available

The Hit Club offers a wide-range of baseball training services including private lessons for hitting or pitching, team training packages, softball-focused training packages, and much more. Call us or visit The Hit Club's website for a comprehensive look at our offerings.

Join the best baseball training facility in Connecticut. Call us today to learn more:


Become part of

The Hit Club's AAU team

In addition to our coaching and training offerings, The Hit Club also has a AAU team. Being a member of our team allows you to play in 40 - 45 games, including four tournaments. Call us today to learn more!

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The Hit Club at Thrive.

Help your son or daughter shine on the field - join The Hit Club today!

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