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Keep competing during your off-season

The training and preparation you do during the off-season will pay off once your season begins. If you're looking for off-season hitting practice look no further than HitTrax, a hitting program that uses computer simulation, held at Thrive Sports & Fitness.


Our HitTrax league offers practice in a fun, competitive environment. We offer different divisions for players of varying ages, so you can practice your hitting amongst your peers.

Weekly batting practice

If you're new to HitTrax, here's how it works: teams of three will hit, playing a weekly doubleheader with other HitTrax teams. Each game will be six innings long. At the end of the season, we'll name a champion within each division.

Find the right division for your son or daughter

HitTrax caters to athletes of varying ages and skill levels. We currently have divisions for athletes ages 10 and under, 12 and under, 14 and under, high school-aged, and adult. Give us a call to learn more when our next HitTrax league will begin.

Curious about how exactly HitTrax works? Give us a call; we'd be happy to speak with you.


Invaluable pre-season hitting practice

At the end of the HitTrax league, we'll award prizes to the top teams in each division. Whether you win a prize or not, though, the hitting practice you'll receive with us can really make a difference in your upcoming season.

Work on your game during the offseason with HitTrax

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Request info for The Hit Club at Thrive.