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Adult Functional Fitness Fees

12 Week Training Package

10% Savings OFF Four-Week Package

2x/week for 24 sessions - $270.00

3x/week for 36 sessions - $360.00

(tax not included)

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Monday - Friday:

5:45 AM, 6:45 AM, 8:30 AM, 9:30 AM


Monday & Wednesday:

5:45 PM


Tuesday & Thursday

5:30 PM



8:00 AM

Always with a trainer!

No personal training or membership fees

Four-Week Training Package

2x/week – $99.00

3x/week – $129.00

(tax not included)

Adult Fitness

Our program is designed to help you move better, feel better and become healthier. Our adult programs are tailored specifically to the needs of the adult training client. Our coaches can cater to the needs of men and women of all ages and fitness levels. We focus daily on improving soft tissue quality and flexibility, increasing upper and lower body power, building full body strength and enhancing your cardiovascular fitness. During the workout session, the group of no more than 12 adults covers the following: myofascial release (foam roll), active warm up, power exercises, functional strength training and cardiovascular conditioning.